Saturday, March 31, 2012

Aadhaar Education Vission

Aadhaar Education believes that the purpose of public education is to ensure that each child learns to think, reason, exercise creativity and imagination, and use his or her mind well in order to make personally satisfying contributions to civic, social, and economic life.

Keeping in mind, Aadhaar Education has clear vision - 

"Develop ability to think, reason, exercise creativity and imagination, use his or her knowledge well to make personally satisfying contribution to civic, social and economic life, in every single child" 
Further, at Aadhaar Education, the purpose of education is to teach “not what is in every book in the library, but rather how to access that information.” 

Students are living in a world where information is accessible, and often the challenge is not a shortage of information, but rather an information over-load where they need to make decisions about how credible and reliable information is. Aadhaar Education not only provide subject knowledge but also secure that the child will get credible and reliable information delivered from most respected and sought-after teachers having years of teacher training experience and best in respective subject  knowledge.

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